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This time the earthen Ganesha in the house

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This year, people installed Ganesha idols in homes instead of public places

Due to Kovid-19, this time Ganesh Chowk – small and big statue of Lord Ganesha who sits in the puja pandals in public squares and public places is seen in the houses of more people than public puja pandals. Due to the instructions issued by the strict order of Collector Korea and permission to install the idols in the puja pandals made in public places only, this time many Ganesh idols made of hard clay clay were installed in their homes and duly worshiped. Doing archana But in some public places of rural areas of the area, Ganesh idols are being duly worshiped without permission. During this, Dainik Bhaskar’s initiative Ganesh of soil is becoming more meaningful this time, Because most of the people are worshiping by installing clay Ganesh statue in their homes. Varsha Sharma said that this time I gave a link on Dainik Bhaskar on 8239978612 and got the link on my mobile and gave the size of clay Ganesh statue prepared by Dainik Bhaskar in our house. The same statue was established by Pt. Suresh Kumar Mishra with a Vedic chant. The installed statue is duly worshiped in the house itself. Neighbors are also joining it.

Small Ganesh statues installed
in the bowl In the adjoining Gram Panchayat bowl of Patna, local artists have sold hundreds of small Ganesha statues of Lord Ganesha with clay. Devotees have installed Ganesh idols in their respective homes and some in public places. Worship is being done here daily. Local sculptors used to build small Ganesha statues every year in Patna’s Gayatri Mandir Chowk and Katora, but this year, due to the rules applicable to prevent the spread of corona infection, the Sri Ram temple in Katora has small- rather than large-scale statues. Small Ganesha statues have been installed.