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Dantewada News: Homecoming campaign started in Bastar by this name to end Naxalism

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Dantewada News: Police is now going to resort to Naxalite relatives to get rid of Naxalism. Police has prepared a list of 529 Naxalites. These include the names of those youths from every village who are associated with Naxalism in some way. The police will now visit their families from village to village and explain to them that there are many benefits of returning to the mainstream. They will be motivated to surrender under Lone Varratu.

The police homecoming campaign has been very successful so far. Inspired by this, more than 100 Naxalites have surrendered so far. There are many prizes among them. The list prepared by the police has the names of 529 Naxalites, in which the details of their names, posts, prizes etc. have been posted in the police-camps. The Naxalites are being appealed to return home through family members by handing over the list to the regional public representatives. Police reach Naxalites’ house and explain to their families in Gondi. SP Dr. Abhishek Pallava himself is appealing from village to village. They are also assisting the families of Naxalites.

The relatives are saying – surrender, otherwise you will be killed

With the aggressive attitude of the force, the Naxalites in the district have left the village and moved to the inner forests, neighboring districts or states. Such Naxalites are preparing for surrender by creating family pressure. An example of this is a prize naxalite of five lakh resident of Palanar, who reached home from Bhairamgarh before Rakshabandhan, and the sister prepared him for surrender. The elderly farmer of village Badegudra has made several appeals to his Naxalite son Budhara (prize of five lakh) to return home. In the appeal, he says – the government of the forest will not do good to you, if you return home, you will do farming. If not surrendered, you will be killed.

Under the Lone Varratu campaign, the family and the villagers themselves are reaching out to the police regarding the Naxalites. Some Naxalites have returned after seeing their names in the list. Now family members are being read out in the form of Gondi dialect. The campaign has been very successful so far.

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