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General Assembly of the Municipal Corporation, about 10 months after the election of the Mayor

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The General Assembly of the Municipal Corporation will be held on Friday, approximately 10 months after the mayor is elected in 2020. On the one hand there is enthusiasm among the Congress councilors on the first meeting after a long gap. Councilors, who became Missy members for the first time, are also busy preparing answers to the questions asked in the House. The other side, for the first time in the last two decades of the corporation’s history, without the collapse of the Leader of the Opposition without opposition. Despite this, BJP councilors are preparing to surround the mayor and his team on various issues. Not a single general assembly has been held so far this year due to the Corona epidemic. The first meeting is being held on Friday when the situation is slightly normal. Sampathi Pramod Dubey has given instructions to officers to monitor security. But the general assembly is expected to be quite interesting. Actually, due to mutual tussle, the BJP has not yet decided the leader of the opposition in the corporation. The Leader of the Opposition’s Chamber in the Corporation is still vacant. The crisis to lead BJP councilors in the General Assembly has arisen. The BJP high command has instructed former leader of opposition Suryakant Rathore, Meenal Choubey and Mrityunjay Dubey to take over the reins. The General Assembly has 29 agendas. Of these, 16 are related to the naming of various roads and squares. The major agenda is to clean up the roads using a machine to destroy the waste of the Sarona Training Ground site. The same agenda will mainly be discussed in the meeting

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