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Another blow to Congress in CG, now this senior leader resigned, accused big leaders of the party of exploiting the workers.

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Manendra Patel, Durg. The day is not going well for the Congress party in the district. The leaders of the Congress Party are showing their rebellious attitude and are trying to expose the party. On one hand, a show cause notice has been issued to former Congress General Secretary Arun Sisodia for accusing the Congress Treasurer of a scam of Rs 5 crore 89 lakh. Whereas Congress councilors and MIC members are entering BJP. Meanwhile, today senior Congress leader and CREDA member, Divisional Coordinator of Yuva Mitan Club, former District General Secretary of Durg Rural, Vijay Sahu has resigned from the primary membership of the party.

Sending his resignation to state Congress President Deepak Baij, Vijay Sahu wrote in his letter that from Delhi to Chhattisgarh, the party has deviated from its objectives and senior party leaders are exploiting the workers. Today the party organization is being run by gambling, betting, liquor mafia and anti-social elements. Due to which the primary member of Congress is resigning.

Let us tell you that Vijay Sahu has been associated with the party for 36 years, due to which this time when the panel of candidates was made in Vaishali Nagar assembly constituency. Then Vijay Sahu's name was also included. But former CM Bhupesh Baghel's family member and Bhilai District President Mukesh Chandrakar was made the candidate. But Chandrakar had to face defeat by 40 thousand votes.

Vijay Sahu also opposed former CM Bhupesh Baghel calling the workers sleeper cells. He said that the workers who worked hard to build the party and make him the CM, today seem to him to be sleeper cells. This is an insult to the workers. The morale of the workers is continuously breaking due to these words. At the same time, in the Lok Sabha elections, the people of Durg district are being made to contest from other Lok Sabha constituencies. Vijay Sahu raised the question whether the local workers there are not worthy of this. He said that the former CM himself went to Rajnandgaon after finding a safe zone for himself. Within the party, only those who attended the Delhi Darbar are dominant. The remaining small workers are being neglected.

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