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Women from self-help groups scrambling to find new options from cow dung to generate income

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Women groups, who have been steadfastly combating the circumstances of lockdown, have also sought out new options from cow dung to raise their income. Nobody would have thought of making so much better use of cow dung, which these rural women have done. In Diwali made by hand art, the women of the group of diy district of cow dung have prepared. In this Diwali Puja plate, dung lamps will be lit to please Mother Lakshmi. Women of Mahima Sanitation Committee Narayanpur started selling stalls in the collectorate today to sell dung made of cow dung and started selling lamps. As soon as the stall started, people came to see the cow dung lamps and bought lamps.
The women of the committee said that apart from diyas, they are also involved in the work of making wood of flowerpot, manure and cow dung. So far they have prepared 15 thousand diyas, which will be sold in the markets. We buy factory made or imported material from the market and send it to foreign countries only to save money. But this time it is the turn of you people that you buy materials from Diwali from local small vendors and come forward to help these needy people.
With the coordination of Suraji Gaon Yojana and Godhan Nyaya Yojana of Chhattisgarh Government, employment of villagers and women in the village is increasing as well as their income. Along with the production of large-scale vermicomposts, women groups associated with Gothans have now started making other products from cow dung and earning income by selling it. Due to the Godhan Nyaya Yojana, the arrival of cow dung has increased in Gowthan. Due to which the work of making vermicompost and other products by the women’s groups has also increased. Its benefits have started getting available to cowherds, farmers and villagers as well as women groups. All these items made with purity from cow dung are worshipful. Women of Self Help Group of Municipality and Village are engaged in this work. It is known that these rural women associated with the group have now started to slowly enter the market.
Collector Shri Abhijeet Singh has given instructions to make every effort to bring forward women’s groups through Gauthan. In this series, these rural women have been trained to produce good material by using local resources. Due to which these women are making vermicompost from cow dung as well as making other products.

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