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Bus in Chhattisgarh: Long-distance buses start in Chhattisgarh, waiting for regular service on division level routes

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Ambikapur Passenger Bus Service: Buses were closed in lock down for several consecutive months and the buses did not start operating even when unlocked. Long distance buses have started after a lot of struggle, but regular bus service is still waiting for the division level routes. Everyday more than 30 buses are arriving at the inter-state bus stand. Passengers are few but the movement in the bus stand has started. With the onset of Corona infection, the wholesale vegetable market was shifted to the interstate waiting bus stand during the lockdown. The vegetable market has been operating here for a long time, where huge crowds have been overflowing since morning. In this situation, the bus service started for the inter-state and various districts of the state has created new problems. A situation of chaos is created here in the morning. Demand for the removal of vegetable market has started from here.

It is worth noting that buses have started operating for Raipur, Bilaspur, Manendragarh, Chirmiri, Banaras, Patna Bihar, Ramanujganj, Jashpur, Raigarh. Most of the buses coming from Bilaspur Raipur reach here at six in the morning after the buses start operating. During this time, a crowd starts in the vegetable market. Trains carrying vegetables from other provinces enter here and also take vegetables from here to other states. In such a situation the situation becomes very worrying. After the buses started operating, it has become necessary to remove the vegetable market from here.

While the Corona transition began, a wholesale vegetable market was operating in the company’s market in the heart of the city, which is surrounded by residential areas. For this reason, the then collector had shifted the vegetable market to the deserted waiting bus stand in view of the safety of the people. Now, it will not be easy to operate the vegetable market here for a long time after the buses start operating. At present, buses of long routes have started. In the coming days, if the buses started running on different routes of the district in the division, then the crowd will increase. Every day about four hundred buses come and go from different areas in this bus stand.

Reduced number of passengers, loss to bus operators

The number of passengers coming in those routes on which the buses have started is very less. Half the seats remain vacant. Buses depart at night with fewer passengers. Bus operators are suffering from this. This is the reason that the buses are worried about the operation of buses on short-distance routes in the district. Mayor Dr. Ajay Tirkey said that the buses have started operating. In such a situation, there is sure to be chaos. Soon the vegetable market will shift after discussing with the administration officials.

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