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Whatsapp Fraud: now being cheated through WhatsApp too, stay safe

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Madhya Pradesh. Whatsapp Fraud A thug created a duplicate whatsapp of a lawyer. In the profile, the details of the lawyer, the photo was the same as the one on his WhatsApp profile. After this, he sent a message to about 400 friends, relatives, acquaintances, who were in trouble, and demanded money. Around 5 to 7 people also transferred cash online. But some made a call to know well. Upon finding the call, the lawyer found the fraud in his name. The incident is from 4 September in Gwalior. The lawyer has immediately complained to SP Gwalior about the case.

DR Srivastava son DL Srivastava is the advocate of Dinesh Bhawan, the locality of the Jamdars of the city. He has been practicing in the District Court and High Court for 20 years. For this reason, their introduction and identity is good. On September 4, some of his visitors called. He asked what happened and what kind of trouble he got. 5 thousand rupees were put and there is no need. The lawyers were surprised to hear this. He asked who asked for the money. In response, it was told that recently, you have messaged on WhatsApp and asked for money in the argent. After this, the lawyer asked for WhatsApp messages from everyone, then in reality the messages with the same profile were WhatsApp. But the number was slightly different, but the profile got dodged. About 5 people put 5-5 thousand rupees in his account.

Framed in such a way

On WhatsApp, the thug messaged that he had come to Mumbai for some work. There has been an accident here. Haven’t been hurt, but some money is needed in the argent. Will come tomorrow evening before 4 o’clock. Calling when someone asked how it happened. So it was said in the message that at the moment, transfer the cash and then talk to the agent. On which some people got caught in the bluff. When the incident was detected, the lawyer posted on social media from Facebook and WhatsApp that his fake ID has been made, so no one should respond to demand for money etc. The IFSC code of the account number in which the cash has been added is referring to Mumbai. Police is searching on this basis.

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