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Congress will capitalize on Chhattisgarh’s Ram Van Gaman Path project in MP, BJP claims – Ram is with us

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Shikhil Beowhar, Bhopal. In Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, this time the Lok Sabha election color will be seen with Ram. While BJP is reaching out to win 29 seats of MP on the issues of Ram Temple, Congress will also seek votes from the public with the help of Ram Van Gaman Path Project. In fact, during the Bhupesh government in Chhattisgarh, work was done at a rapid pace on the Ram Van Gaman Path project. On the other hand, Madhya Pradesh lagged behind Chhattisgarh in this project.

‘…and Prahlad Patel smiled’, what is the indication of Panchayat Minister’s smile on the question of contesting Lok Sabha elections?

Congress state spokesperson Swadesh Sharma said that BJP has done politics only for votes with the help of Ram. The BJP government is capitalizing on the Supreme Court order regarding Ram Temple in the entire country including MP. Congress’s devotion to Ram is not for show. BJP was in power in MP for 20 years and Dr. Mohan government has been in power for more than three months.

Even after this, the Ram Van Gaman Path project still could not come out of the files. Kamal Nath government had prepared the outline of projects like Rampath Gaman and Sita Temple. But, within 15 months, Congress traitors toppled the government. On the other hand, Bhupesh Sarkar in CG took up this project on priority. Congress will expose the religious hypocrisy of BJP in both the states.

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Congress should not teach Ram Bhakti – BJP BJP hit back at Congress’s allegation and said that the public knows who does politics in the name of Ram Bhakti. Congress always opposed Ram Mandir. Even in the Lok Sabha, Congress has no issues left, now the time has come to enter MP regarding the issue of Chhattisgarh. BJP state spokesperson Milan Bhargava said that the public is ready to respond to the show-off devotion of Congress in the Lok Sabha elections.

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