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The information on available stock and wholesale price of onion should be made mandatory.

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As per the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, the Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department of the state government has issued detailed guidelines to all district collectors for monitoring and monitoring the availability of onions and retail market prices in their district.
It has been said in the directive issued to the district collectors that the analysis of the market price of essential commodities from the districts in the state-level Price Monitoring Cell has shown that in the last 01 month, there has been an unprecedented increase in the retail market price of onions. All district collectors should ensure continuous action for monitoring and supervision of onion availability and retail market price in the district.
In the instructions issued by the Department of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, it has been said that after meeting the wholesale and retail traders of onions, the availability and demand of onions in the district should be assessed after ensuring the supply of onions as per the requirement. The daily arrival and consumption of onions should be regularly reviewed at the district level. If there is any problem related to import, transport and storage of onion from other states, it should be resolved immediately. The information about available stock and wholesale sale price of onion should be displayed daily at the selling point of wholesale traders.
Collectors have been asked to promote the wholesale and retail market prices of onions available in the district so that information can be made available to the general public and retail traders may not be able to sell onions at unnecessarily high prices.
In addition, under the provisions of Section 3 (a) of the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act 2020, the proposal should be forwarded to the State Government in case of stock limit required for corona infection. It has also been clarified in the instructions that the above proceedings should be ensured under the relevant Acts