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Strong winds in Surguja: Cyclone moving strong winds in Surguja, damage to crops

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Ambikapur. Due to the low pressure of air from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, strong winds are blowing from the east direction due to further northward movement. Its effect is being seen in Sarguja division. After the rain for three consecutive days, strong winds are blowing in the upper areas. Paddy, maize and sugarcane crops have been damaged due to the movement of winds at division headquarters Ambikapur at a speed of about 20 to 30 km per hour since morning.

The crops in the fields have leaned to one side. With the bending of crops, these will cause problems of watering and rotting. Which may harm farmers. The farmers here are worried about this. People are also feeling cold due to the strong winds from morning.

Here the temperature has dropped and looks like the cold weather. Although there is no news of strong rain in the area, but some areas are receiving light rain. According to the Meteorological Department, there may be heavy rains in some areas of North Chhattisgarh today.

Meteorologist AM Bhatt said that the area of ​​low air pressure active from Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal is now gradually moving towards north. This has cleared the sky of Odisha and its surroundings. Now the winds are moving rapidly towards the north. Due to its effect, there are strong winds in the hill areas of North Chhattisgarh. Clouds along with the wind are also coming here and the weather is likely to clear in the next 24 hours. Now the cyclone is spreading in Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh.

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