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Some Complaints of financial irregularities in the State Source Disability Institute found baseless in investigation report

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A committee was formed about one and a half years ago to investigate the complaint of the state source of disabled persons. Several complaints in the investigation report were found to be unfounded. At the same time notice was issued to 4 officers responsible for financial irregularities.

On the direction of the then Chief Secretary Ajay Singh, the complaint of the petitioner Kundan Singh Thakur was investigated. About one and a half years ago, the then Finance Secretary Dr. Kamalpreet Singh gave his report to the government. On the basis of the investigation report, four officers were also issued notice for irregularities in the institute.

On the complaint of the institute being fake, it was stated in the inquiry report that the Physical Rehabilitation Center operated by the Disabled People Institute is regularly run on the physical premises of the social welfare. So far, treatment facility has been provided to 4341 patients. The report also said that a total of 31 different types of financial irregularities were found. In which financial approval was not taken for withdrawal of 25 lakhs without competent approval and transferring the amount of four and a quarter crores to another account.

On the complaint that the list of employees was fake, it was said in the report that an MoU was signed with the Social Welfare Department and the International Committee of Red Cross to set up the Rehabilitation Center. The salaries of the employees were also paid by the ICRC. It is also stated that only one of the employees originally appointed by the ICRC is employed in the center. Presently a total of 21 employees are regularly serving in the center.

It was also said that through out-sourcing in the institute, payment is being made from the amount of destitute fund. The remaining 10 employees are being paid salaries from the PRC from the state government.

Based on the investigation report, four officers of the department, Rajesh Tiwari, Joint Director, Herman Khalko, Joint Director Pankaj Verma and Anil Soumitra have been issued preliminary notice. The Chief Secretary also informed in the affidavit about taking corrective steps in the institute in future. He also said that to prevent recurrence of financial irregularities found in the special audit of the functions of the Disabled Institute, the Department’s directive will take other relevant steps including internal audit and determination of clear financial powers in the direction of the Department.

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