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Raipur: Special article: One Kanhaiya whistle …

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Raipur, 11 September 2020 / In the eyes of the world, this work is very small, but no one wants to adopt this small work. Everyone wants to run away from this job. Some who have adopted, have their helplessness, to feed, family. Well, no work is small or big, but it is a Kalyug. Every work has a price and where someone is valued, the difference of that work or thing is judged in small or big. This work is also small because of its price. In Dwapar Yuga there was a Kanhaiya who played the flute, taking away the sufferings of the victims. It is now Kalyuga and there can be many Kanhaiya in human form. There is one such Kanhaiya who does not play the flute, though his whistle sounds every day. He also removes the miseries of hundreds. Actually this Kanhaiya is a scavenger and saves everyone from getting sick by picking up the garbage of people’s homes every day. Can not speak properly since childhood, 

The rush of cleaning worker Kanhaiya begins before the sun sets. As soon as you enter the street with your rickshaw, the whistle hanging from the rope comes to the neck. As he breathes loudly, he whistles, People present in the house become checked. During this time, no matter how big the task is? All work becomes dwarf in front of Kanhaiya’s whistle. Eventually the door of the house opens and house-to-door trouble is poured out as garbage in Kanhaiya’s rickshaw. The householder knows the importance of the waste accumulated in a house because he wants to keep his house clean. The garbage collected within a day contains no more than the waste of food and other waste and waste materials which become troublesome in the house with the passage of time. Kanhaiya daily removes people’s troubles by picking up wet and dry garbage from everyone’s homes. Meanwhile, as the dirt in the house Kanhaiya goes into the rickshaw, there is a wave of joy in the house.

Kanhaiya walks around every day in a rickshaw and picks up garbage from about 200 houses in Kabir Nagar. From 7 am to 2 pm, he takes complete honesty in his duty. Stuttering tongue and gait is part of his life. Maybe it is a disease. Kanhaiya, who had been performing his duties well during the Corona transition, never separated himself from picking up garbage for fear of Corona. His physical problems also did not come in the way. He also says that from childhood, what trouble will the laborer have in pulling the rickshaw?

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