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Raipur: Major action of the Forest Department: 78 years worth more than four lakh rupees seized

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RK Furniture and Timber Raigad sealed

According to the instructions of the Forest Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar, the campaign for the protection of forests by the Forest Department in the state is going on continuously. In this episode, R.K. In a major action against Furniture and Timber Raigad, illegal wooden logs have been seized for 78 years. Its estimated value is estimated at over Rs 4 lakh. Also, in Raigad bypass road, near RK Umbrahmuda Chowk, R.K. Furniture and Timber Raigad has also been sealed by the aviation squad of the Forest Department during the operation. 
        Under the guidance of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Shri Rakesh Chaturvedi, the team constituted by Forest Divisional Officer, Raigad, Mr. Manoj Pandey, intensive investigation is going on in the said Furniture and Timber Raigad from September 14. During the investigation on the spot there, the team, in connection with the hanging of four lakh rupees, Mr. Rajkumar Aggarwal-RK. The required documents were not provided by Furniture and Timber Raigad. In the said action, the staff of Forest Zone Officer in charge, Mr. Rajeshwar Mishra, and Mr. Deenbandhu Pradhan and Mr. Govardhan Rathore, etc., of the Udanadasta team, have made commendable contribution in the above action. Apart from this, Mr. Vijay Dixit, Mr. Rishikeshwar Sidar, Mr. Giteshwar Patel, Mr. Vijay Mishra, The departmental staff like Ms. Prema Tirkey also contributed immensely in the action. It is worth mentioning that under the forest division Raigad, the team is continuously campaigning to stop the forest crime in all the forest areas. 

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