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Raipur: Forest rights lease distribution made to farmers

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The state government is committed to giving respectful life to the farmers of the state. The government is continuously working for this. Forest rights lease distribution in the state is also expressing this intention of the government. Laluai Kakem, a small farmer of Jatalur in Bijapur district of the state, has changed his family life by getting a personal forest rights letter. Lalaiya Kakeem is now free from the worry of eviction and is busy with hard work and dedication in farming.
    Lalaiya Kakeem said that earlier they were only producing Kodo-Kutki on this land, but as a result of the government providing support for land leveling under MGNREGA, they are adopting advanced methods of farming which are now getting good crop production. They are producing pulses like urad and kulthi in about half an acre of tikra land. He told that earlier about 3 acres of ancestral farm land was being maintained by the family. Were cultivating two acres of forest land near this land for many years. The government decided to give a new direction to agriculture and farming if it got the forest rights lease of the said land.
    With the help of land leveling from MNREGA, the government started advanced paddy cultivation on this land. Under Kisan Nyaya Yojana, the first installment was transferred to the bank account of Rs. 3 thousand 768. During the difficult times of lockdown, this amount proved to be helpful in completing the most important work of the house. Lalaiya Kakeem now wants to promote greens and vegetables production by installing tube wells in the land of forest rights. Lalaiah Kakeem thanked the state government for providing forest rights recognition letters, saying this is a huge help for small farmers like us, which has encouraged better farming.