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Naxalites kidnapped 22 villagers, left a few days later, but 5 still missing

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There are reports of abduction of 22 villagers from different villages in Bijapur district. The Naxalites took them from Naimed area in the last few days, 17 of them have come to Laagat. It is being told that 5 people are still missing. The information about the abduction of the villagers came on Saturday. However, the police officers are still not confirming this.

According to police, the team had gone to the concerned area but the details of the abduction were not known. In various districts of Bastar division, there have been reports of constant fighting with villagers and killing in informants. Only this year 40 villagers have been murdered across the division. Most of these cases are reported to the police several days after the incident. In many cases, FIR is not even available. According to the information, Naxalites had taken 22 people from Naimed area in the past.

These included three people from the former sarpanch of Kondapalli, three from Kusangwa village and 18 from three other villages. Of these, 17 of the 22 people are reported to be released. Of the 16 people abducted from the sarpanch and Naimed areas east of Kondapalli, 11 have returned. 5 people have not been detected yet. There has been no official confirmation of this incident by the police.

Beating Information

There were reports of people being abducted and killed from some areas. The force is continuously going in those areas. Two days ago the jawan also went, where the information of beating of a former sarpanch has been reported. If there was such a thing as abduction, we would definitely know.
– Kamalochan Kashyap, SP Bijapur

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