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Lockdown ends in Raipur, Bilaspur from tomorrow, without masks and misbehavior, now more stringent action will be taken

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In Sarguja, Durg, Mahasamund, Kawardha, the lockdown will end on the scheduled date.

Raipur, Bilaspur and Surguja district will be unlocked from late 28 September with strict conditions. It has been agreed at a high level in the state government that the Corona Protocol should be strictly followed, but there is no need to increase the lockdown. Due to the increasing number of patients, a week-long lockdown was imposed in these districts till 28 September. However, the district administration will announce the end of the lockdown in the three districts after the meeting on Monday.

It has been told that this time the lockdown which was strictly done, will be more strict than that after unlocking. This time everyone who looks without a mask will be fined. Action is also being taken against shopkeepers when there is a crowd in the shops. As the markets are not crowded, the deadline for opening and closing of shops will also be fixed as before.

In Chhattisgarh, the number of Karona infected patients has crossed one lakh. The lockdown was imposed in several districts of the state including Raipur, Bilaspur, Surguja amidst increasing numbers. Among these, the lockdown in the three districts ends on September 28, while the Durg is kept on September 30 and in Kawardha, Dhamtari and Mahasamund till October 1. It is believed that the lockdown is difficult to increase there too.

There will be strictness, but people will also be aware
that a review will be done on Monday about the opening of the lockdown. During this, emphasis will be laid on strict adherence to the Carona Guidelines, while people will also be appealed to take precautions and follow the rules.

Employment crisis The decision resulted
in the biggest loss of vegetable and fruit traders in this one-week lockdown. Because almost half of their vegetables have been spoiled in a week. For the daily earners and small businessmen, the livelihood crisis has arisen in the lockdown. The lockdown is being opened keeping in mind that there are indications from higher levels that employment is not affected in any way.

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