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Increased trend among farmers regarding maize cultivation

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The trend of farmers in the state regarding maize cultivation is increasing day by day. The beneficial cultivation of maize in Bastar region is now gradually being extended to other areas of the state. Farmers of the state’s border district Surajpur have also started cultivating maize in view of maize cultivation at support price and its income as a cash crop. Maize cultivation is also getting a boost due to the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyaya Yojana.

In all the development blocks of Surajpur district, farmers are being given guidance and encouragement for cultivation of maize. Apart from giving information about the benefits of maize crop to the farmers, the officials of the Agriculture Department are also informing the farmers about the assistance provided by the Agriculture Department for this. This is the reason why farmers in Surajpur district have started adopting maize cultivation. Kamla Yadav, a farmer of village Dhondha of Pratappur block in Surajpur district, said that he is cultivating maize due to the guidance and cooperation received by the Agriculture Department. Farmer Mr. Yadav said that maize cultivation is profitable. They are getting good income from this. Due to the benefits of maize cultivation last year, he has cultivated maize this year as well, increasing the area of ​​cultivation. Regarding the benefits of maize cultivation, farmer Mr. Yadav explains that maize is a kharif crop. It is also cultivated during the Rabi season. Where there is a means of irrigation, after harvesting maize in Kharif, other crops like mustard, wheat can be cultivated in Rabi. It is a cash crop. Good income can be obtained by selling it as corn. Maize is used as animal feed and poultry feed. Maize requires 20 kg of hybrid seeds per hectare for sowing, yielding about 50 to 60 quintals of maize.