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Elephant reached 450 km in 88 days

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Bar elephants arrived in Mahasamund range from Fingeshwar range on Saturday night, 20 elephants with Chanda elephant

After 88 days, the elephants of the bar party have reached Mahasamund once again, being Gariaband, Dhamtari, Kanker and then Gariaband. A team of 20 elephants along with Chanda Elephant reached Mahasamund’s Dhansuli via Fingeshwar Range late Saturday night from Boinabahra. Till late Sunday evening, a team of elephants was present in Dhansuni. Here, the forest department team has been alerted since the elephants of the bar party reached Mahasamund. The group of elephants will go towards Bagbahara range or return to their old area Sirpur via Bamhani, Nisda, it will be fixed on Sunday night. Here, the team of the forest department is keeping an eye on the movement of elephants. According to the information received, on the night of April 30, a group of elephants had left Sirpur area and went to Nisda barrage, Bamhni, Mahasamund and Bokramuda forest in Bagbahara range. Elephants have been in the region from May 25-26. After this, the team stabbed, Passed through the Gariaband range to Dhamtari Division. The elephant group remained for the longest time in the Duban region of Gangrel Dam and around the Narhra dam.

Movement may be late at night, alert issued in these villages …
According to the information received from the forest department, elephant movement can be for Sirpur area or Bagbahara. That is why the department has issued an alert for the villages of Khirsali, Bandola, Sukulbay, Keshaldih, Chhataldabra and Taljhar in Sirpur region. In addition, an alert has also been issued for Jiwatra, Khatti, Kona and Bakma of Bagbahara area.

1. Mahasamund Division: Between 25 to 26 May, a group of elephants reached Bokramuda, Bijepal in Bagbahara range of Mahasamund division and Chhaura range of Gariaband division via Bijepal. Here elephants spent only a few days and entered Dhamtari district.

2. Gariaband Division: On the night of 26 July, a group of elephants left Dhamtari Division again reached Fingeshwar Range of Gariaband Division. The elephant team remained here for 27 days. On Saturday night, a group of elephants once again entered the Mahasamund range of the Mahasamund Division.

3. Kanker Division: The elephant team has been the shortest time in Kanker district. During the period around Dhamtari’s Narhara Dam, the party reached the village area of ​​Marwari from Narharpur to the border of Kanker several times during the night and damaged banana bars. The team did not stop here and reached its bases around Narhara Dam before dawn.

4. Dhamtari Division: On June 3, a group of elephants reached Dhamtari district. The team spent most of the time in the Duban region of Gangrel Dam. There were bamboo forests here with plenty of water. It was around this that on the night of June 15, a 3-year-old elephant died due to drowning in the marshes in Uppori forest.