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Chief Minister Mr. Baghel praises the Female Commandos of Dantewada for diffusing IED Bomb

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Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel today had an interaction with Ms Lakshmi Kashyap and Ms Vimla Mandavi- the two Commandos of DRG Dantewada who diffused the IED bomb, via video conferencing from his residence office. Mr. Baghel praised their courage and confidence.
While speaking to the commandos, Mr. Baghel said that police and paramillitary force personnel are performing their duties with such enthusiasm and dedication that soon naxal problem in Bastar region would be completely resolved. With their noble works, police force has succeeded in winning the confidence of people.
It is noteworthy that naxalites had planted 10 kg IED bombs on Soornar Tetam road of Katekalyan police station jurisdiction in Dantewada district. After recieving the information, police recovered the bomb, and two commandos of DRG’s Anti-Bomb Squad Ms Lakshmi Kashyap and Ms Vimla Mandawi successfully diffused the bomb. Ms Vimla Mandawi told Chief Minister that when new camps are opened in rural areas, they meet the villagers and tell them that the camp has been started for their security. Bastar IG Mr. P Sundarraj, and other senior officials of police force and DRG’s Anti-Bomb Squad Team members were present on the occasion.

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