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Chhattisgarh Governor writes to CM Baghel

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Chhattisgarh Governor Anusuiya Uikey has written to Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel requesting that a “full-time official” be posted in Raj Bhawan.

The state government earlier this month made the Secretary to Governor, Sonmoni Borah, the Secretary of Parliamentary Affairs with additional charges. Uikey, in her letter on Wednesday, reiterated the governor is the constitutional head of the state and that such changes should be made after taking her into confidence.

In her letter, the governor wrote, “The officers who have been posted to the governor’s office have been given additional charges. The post of governor’s secretary is a cadre in its own, as through the governor the entire state is managed.” She added, “By the officials being on additional charges, the quality and the order might be affected. Hence, if a change is needed, an official panel should be sent as per the governor’s choice.”

The letter pointed out that in the past, the governor and her office have always been taken into confidence whenever a need to change officials has arisen. “Respecting the position of the Governor, it would be better to appoint full time officials in the Raj Bhawan Secretariat, after taking my assent,” the letter read.

Sources said that Uikey’s letter could be a new point of tussle with the government. Early this year, the Congress government had taken issue with the governor’s decision on appointment of the vice-chancellor of a journalism university. Following that, the government had sought to amend rules to give the power of appointing V-Cs to the state government. The amendment is still pending with Uikey.

The governor has also been vocal against the government over several law and order issues, including the recent attack on a Kanker-based journalist.

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