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Supreme court dismisses MP government’s petition filed two years late

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The Supreme Court has made strict comments about the delay in filing the petition on behalf of the governments. Rejecting the special leave petition filed by the Madhya Pradesh government in one case, the Supreme Court said that the Supreme Court cannot be a place of resort for governments that ignore the prescribed period. Governments deliberately delay in filing the petition, so that they get an excuse to say that the court has rejected the petition, now nothing can be done in this case.

A bench headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Dinesh Maheshwari also expressed displeasure over the attitude of the bureaucrats in this regard and imposed a compensation of Rs 25,000 on the petition. In the case of MP State v. Bheru Lal, this petition was filed with a delay of one year, 10 months, one day from the stipulated period. The petition came for hearing in Justice Kaul’s bench on 15 October.

In the court, it was said on behalf of the state government that the reason for the delay was stated to be the unavailability of the documents and arranging them. The bureaucracy was also blamed for this. On this, the Supreme Court said, there is no doubt that the delay in filing a petition on behalf of the government has been relaxed to some extent, but it cannot be extended for an unlimited period.

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