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PM Modi: Reduction in corona cases as India first implemented lockdown

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that today the cases of corona infection (Corona Virus) in India (India) has come down and the recovery rate has reached 88 percent. He said that this was possible because India was one of the first countries to lockdown and inspired people to wear masks.

In his inaugural address addressing the annual meeting of ‘Grand Challenges’, Modi said that we are on the forefront of developing Kovid infection vaccine and some of it is on the ‘advanced stage’. He said that today we are seeing that cases of corona infection in the country are decreasing every day and the rate of its growth has also decreased. Today the rate of recovery in India has also gone up to 88 percent. He said, ‘This is possible because India was the first to implement the law. India was among the first countries to encourage people to use masks. India worked effectively to detect the infection and was among the first countries to launch rapid antigen screening. ‘

He said, ‘We are not going to stop here. We are also developing the mechanism of vaccine distribution. ”Modi said that India has made several efforts including increasing sanitation and increasing the number of toilets which are contributing to better health care system.

Calling for ‘planned investment’ in science and innovation, the Prime Minister said that the future of the world will determine the society which will invest in these areas but cooperation and public participation will play a major role in it. He said, “The future will decide the society which will invest in science and innovation.” He said that these investments should be well planned and not done in a short-sighted manner. The Prime Minister said that investment in science and innovation should be at an advance level so that it can be taken advantage of at the right time. The journey of innovations should be determined by cooperation and public participation because science can never prosper by living in the lines of bonded bondage.

The Prime Minister mentioned the government’s steps like increasing the scope of sanitation and toilets, and said that it has helped in developing better health facilities. He said that this meeting was decided to be held in India but now under changed circumstances, it is being done through digital medium. ‘Grand Challenges’ has been working for the last 15 years to increase international cooperation in the field of innovation in addressing challenges in the field of health and development.

This meeting is being held between 19 to 21 October. It aims to bring together leading scientists and policy makers from all over the world on one platform so that scientific partnerships can be further deepened to address emerging health challenges. In this meeting special emphasis will be on Kovid-19 with ‘India for the World’. Through this program, well-known scientists and researchers along with world leaders will discuss. At the heart of the churn will be the main priorities and challenges emerging in the management of Kovid-19 to pursue the sustainable development goal after the epidemic.

The three-day event will include leaders’ talks, panel discussions and informal discussions on a variety of topics including scientific intervention in the fight against pandemics, management of pandemics and promoting the implementation and development of global measures to fight pandemics and upcoming potential epidemics. Huh. 1600 participants from about 40 countries are expected to attend this annual meeting. ‘Grand Challenges’ India was established in 2012 in partnership with the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and the Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation.

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