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Donald Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Leads ‘bizarre’ Prayer, Netizens Say ‘done With Country’

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While millions of Americans are still waiting for the results of US Election 2020, the Associated Press has projected Democratic Challenger Joe Biden leading with 264 electoral setas with US President Donald Trump at 214 seats. Even though the counting at five key battleground states is ongoing, a video of Trump’s spiritual advisor Paula White saying “I hear the sound of victory” and that “Angels have been dispatched from Africa right now” has taken the internet by storm. In an effort to strengthen Trump’s bid for president, White has been often spotted with the Republican President to lead prayers at the White House. 

White’s video went viral on the internet with millions of Americans saying that they are “done with the country”. While most were saying that the video left them in “disgust”, others shared a laugh. Many made fun of Donald Trump and his “unusual” faith on the evangelicals. Meanwhile, another trend went viral for a while on Twitter with the hashtag #TrumpIsALaughingStock with netizens saying that he can’t accept defeat.

Just not Americans, while the entire world is eying the results of US Election 2020, it is still hung in balance as several states are still counting their ballots including some of the most crucial battlegrounds where the tally can reportedly take days to finish. As per Associated Press projection, Biden is narrowly leading the race with 264 electoral votes and Trump is trailing at 214 votes that have also prompted him to sow doubts on the integrity of the election.  With 60 electoral votes still to be allocated, the paths of victory still remain uncertain with winner requiring 270 votes. 

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