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Coronavirus Vaccine: The next day after asking questions to the government, CEO of Serum Institute Adar Poonawalla praised PM Modi, said – appreciate your perspective

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Serum Institute of India (SII) CEO Adar Poonawala today praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for questioning the central government a day before the Corona vaccine. He has thanked Prime Minister Modi for his leadership and support. The Serum Institute is producing the Corona vaccine in association with Oxford University.

Adar Poonawala tweeted, “We appreciate your vision of providing vaccines to the global community.” This is a proud moment for India, thank you for your leadership and support. It is clear that all your arrangements for India will take care of all the needs of the people. ”

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday, PM Modi said that India’s vaccine production and distribution capacity would help fight the epidemic for all. PM Modi said, “India provided medicines to more than 150 countries during the epidemic. As the world’s largest vaccine producing country, I want to assure you that India will do everything possible for the world ahead. From January 2021, India will be committed to its responsibilities as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. ”

What did Adar Poonawala ask the government?

Serum Institute of India (SII) CEO Adar Poonawalla had on Saturday questioned whether the government would arrange Rs 80,000 crore for the purchase and distribution of the corona virus vaccine. Poonawala tweeted, “Will the Indian government have Rs 80,000 crore available during the next one year? To buy and distribute the vaccine to all in India, this amount will be needed. ”He also tagged the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in it. Poonawala had said that this is the next challenge that we will have to grapple with.

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