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Biden is confident of victory, but Trump is not ready to give up

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America has got a new president. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has won the presidential election. PM Modi has also congratulated the new President of America Joe Biden on his Twitter handle and said that he will bring new strength in Indo-US relationship.

Here, the current President Donald Trump has claimed his victory in the election process, alleging massive fraud. Trump tweeted, ‘Supervisors are not allowed to enter the counting room. I have got 7 crore 10 lakh valid votes, I have won this election. Worst of all, supervisors were not allowed to see the counting room. This has never happened before. A large number of mail-in ballots were sent to the public even though they did not ask for it.

Apparently US President Donald Trump is not accepting his defeat. Earlier, Donald Trump had said in a threatening manner to his rival Joe Biden that he should not forcibly and unfairly claim the presidency. They can also make such a claim. Trump said that the legal battle has just started.

Trump accused of rigging the election, saying that on the election night there were big leads in all these states, but as the day went by, these leads mysteriously disappeared. Trump said that as our law progresses, perhaps this lead will come back.

Let me tell you, Biden is going to become the 46th President of America after defeating Donald Trump. Biden’s victory has been claimed by The Associated Press. Biden has received 273 votes. At the same time, 214 electoral votes were cast in favor of Donald Trump. This victory is decided after Biden’s victory in the decisive state of Pennsylvania.

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