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UK will defeat COVID-19 like Lord Ram & Sita defeated Ravana, says Boris Johnson in Diwali message

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Ahead of Diwali celebrations in India, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the Diwali spirit of the victory of light over darkness and good over evil as he delivered a message of optimism about overcoming the coronavirus pandemic for a first-of-its-kind virtual Diwali festival this weekend.

Prime Minister Johnson appealed for a huge collective effort as England entered its second stay-at-home lockdown earlier this week, to last at least until December 2, in order to curb a surge in coronavirus infections across the country.

While undoubtedly there are huge challenges ahead, I have every confidence in the resilience and resolve and good sense of people across the country and that together we will overcome this virus, just as Diwali teaches us that light triumphs over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance,” Boris Johnson said from 10 Downing Street in London on Friday.

“Just as Lord Rama and his wife Sita found their way home after the defeat of the demon king Ravana, their way lit by many millions of lamps, so to we shall find our way through this, and we shall do so triumphantly,” he added.

He praised the “fantastic virtual Diwali festival” for bringing the spirit of Diwali into people’s homes while helping people stay safe.

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