May 18, 2024

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Trump outraged China, ban Communist Party officials

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After the defeat in the US presidential election, Donald Trump is seen taking an aggressive stand against China. 72 days before the end of his term, he announced a ban on four more Chinese officials in Hong Kong on the issue of repression of political rights. On Monday, the US State Department issued a statement saying that the travel of these four to America and acquiring any kind of property will be banned here.

The United States has banned these officials for their role in implementing the National Security Act in Hong Kong, because the United States sees this law as an act of freedom of expression and the politics of opposition. This law was passed in June. The United States has previously banned many officials, including Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam.

Monday’s decision comes at a time when 19 Democratic pro-Hong Kong MPs have said that if Beijing disqualifies any of them, they will resign in large numbers from the city’s legislature council. Unconfirmed reports said that the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China was preparing to disqualify four of them.

Already, it was feared that Trump could take some decisions on the go which could prove to be a headache for the new President Biden. Many experts had said that Trump can make changes in US foreign policy according to executive order or agency rule making as long as he wants. For this, they are not obliged to get Senate approval. Through this, you can take a tough decision against Trump Beijing.

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