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The Life and Crimes of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden that the mainstream media doesn’t want you to read

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Referring to CNN in one of his speeches Donald Trump called them ‘crazy and stupid bastards‘ for their myopic narrative that Trump will lose even as the polls show Trump is narrowing the margin [1]. This type of language is also used by Joe Biden but leaving the epithet aside, those who are following the news of Hunter Biden’s hard drive will be ‘crazy and stupid’ not to reflect what we are up against [2]. Media constantly pointed to Trump’s handling of the Wuhan virus but are deliberately leaving aside the news of Bidens’ role in empowering China that brought the pandemic in the first place. We are talking about assisting China to grab the world’s precious metals mines in Africa that the world needs for building battery-powered cars (nickel), strong military equipment/infrastructure (molybdenum), and the only other alternative rest of the world now has is the moon! It is about actively helping China steal precious American technology, nuclear, and many other areas of defence emboldening China to grab and steal land, sea, and air rights.

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