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Is Gmail shutting down on August 1? Crores of users got tensed after the announcement of Xmail, read here what Google said?

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In the era of Yahoo and Email, Google created a stir by launching Gmail. Within a few years, the number of its users worldwide reached crores. But now it is being claimed on social media that Gmail is going to be closed. According to the claim, Gmail will be completely closed in August 2024. After that you will not be able to use Gmail services. Many claims were made about the closure of Gmail on X and meanwhile Elon Musk confirmed the arrival of Xmail. After that people thought that Gmail was actually going to be closed, but this claim is completely wrong.

Let us tell you that Google’s Gmail app is the most used e-mail app in the world today. Gmail is used both personally and professionally. Gmail also has a service which is for companies. Now a news has come regarding Gmail which is surprising. Google itself had to clarify on this.

Gmail is not going away. Google itself has given this information in a post on X. Gmail has said in its post that it is here to stay in Gmail. Actually, this whole mess started due to the closure of a feature of Gmail. Google is going to discontinue the basic HTML version of Gmail which no one uses. This was announced in September last year itself.

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