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Answer: Bastar Kanker: Ramnath turned laborer to owner: Good income is being generated by selling 45 liters of milk per day

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Ramnath Yadav, a resident of village Anwari of Charama development, who earns a living by living in other’s homes, has now become self-sufficient, he is getting good income by selling 45 liters of milk per day. Ramnath, who used to feed cattle in other homes, has become self-reliant today. Ramnath Yadav, who started cow rearing with two native cows, has become the owner of 22 livestock today, his success is mesmerizing and inspiring to the people. Ramnath said that behind his success is a big contribution of the scheme run by the government. Kanker district in-charge secretary Dhananjay Dewangan and collector K.L. Chauhan congratulated him for his success and encouraged his son Sajan Kumar to increase the dairy from 100 cows to 100 cows.

Ramnath Yadav said that he was studying in class II, when the father put a servant to feed the cow in another house to feed due to poverty, after that he started grazing the cow in another house for low wages and about 15 After working as a shepherd for the year, he started cow-rearing from two native cows given by another. Artificial insemination in native cows led to the development of female breeds of advanced breed, after getting older they were also given artificial insemination, gradually increasing the number of herds of advanced breed, who grew up to become cows and bulls. The bull was sold and the milk business started with the sale of 2 liters of cow’s milk. Presently, they are selling 45 liters of milk. Ramnath Yadav said that today I have 22 livestock of about 5 lakh rupees, including 2 cows H.F. Breed, 2 cow Gir breed, 4 cow royalwal breed and 4 cow are of Jersey breed, Apart from this, there are 6 advanced breed heifer and 4 calf, which will earn extra income from pair selling. He said that the Department of Livestock Development gives guidance and cooperation from time to time in the work of cow farming.  

Ramnath Yadav said that under the ‘Godhan Nyaya Yojana’ launched by the Chhattisgarh government, Gauthan of the village is selling about 150 kg of cow dung daily, which is earning Rs 300 per day. He told that earlier he used to sell cow dung to the farmers of the village, but now he is selling it in Gauthan. Giving information about the milk business, he said that at present Charama’s hotels and door to door are selling 45 liters of milk at the rate of Rs 40 per day. I and my family are happy with this business.

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