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Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha first impressions: Beautiful but completely pointless

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Smartphones with foldable phones were part of science fiction until recently. But as 2020 begins, you can actually walk into a shop and buy one right now. There is Samsung’s utterly exciting Galaxy Fold that opens up into a tablet when you want a big screen – yes, it becomes a tablet when you want it to. Motorola has used the folding display to make the mobile phone cool again — thanks to the new Razr. Now, these are not the only two companies trying to create “foldable phones”. There are other companies as well, such as Xiaomi, which has Mi Mix Alpha. But unlike the Galaxy Fold or the new Razr, the Alpha is little old-fashioned. It gives the impression that it is a futuristic, foldable phone. But it’s not. Instead, it is a gorgeous phone made with a screen that is curved, and that wraps around the device.

Instead of being more-futuristic — and difficult to make — folding phone, the Mi Mix Alpha is a concept device that uses the same flexible OLED display to reach closer to the dream of an all-screen smartphone.

Xiaomi unveiled this phone last year and India Today Tech recently got a chance to experience the Mi Mix Alpha. This phone isn’t going to sell in India but Xiaomi says that the Alpha previews some of the technologies you can expect from Xiaomi phones in 2020. Is that interesting? If it is, dive down for a preview of the Mix Alpha.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha: What is it?

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is Xiaomi’s idea of an alternate future for smartphones a future that may — or rather will not given what we found with the Alpha — shape into reality. But it is a preview of the future that smartphone geeks have always dreamt of — a phone that has a display on all the sides. The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha does that with the help of the same flexible OLED panel that other folding phones are using. However, instead of manual-folding, the display is permanently folded around the sides. Hence, you get a phone that has it’s display wrapped around the edges and the back.

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