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Tiktok’s old users can earn big money, Instagram is giving big chance

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New Delhi:If you are an old user of Tiktok, then you have a chance to earn big bucks. Actually Instagram is offering financial support to popular Tiktok creators. This financial support will go to Tiktok users who will join the Facebook-owned video music remix feature ReelS. This plan will be first started in the US next month. Instagram can rollout this plan in India soon after the US.

According to the report of the Wall Street Journal, a few selected top Tiktok creators will be given about one thousand dollars or 75 thousand rupees. Like Instagram, this offer has come at a time when the Trump administration is trying to ban short video sharing platform Tiktok. The Indian government had banned 59 Chinese apps, including tiktok, citing national security. Since then, the issue of Tiktok Bain has gained momentum in the US. In such a situation, Instagram is trying to fill Tiktok’s empty space fast. Instagram introduced the Reels feature earlier this month, where users will be able to record short videos. Also, you will be able to edit, share those videos. India is the fourth country after Brazil, Germany and France, Where Instagram’s Reels feature has been introduced. According to TechCrunch’s report, Instagram will first feature the Reels feature in the US in August, ahead of the other 50 markets.

Tiktok is also trying to keep its creators on its platform. Last week, Tiktok announced a $ 200 million fund to support American top creators. It was named the Tiktok Creators Fund. According to Tiktok, this fund will be exclusively for those creators who are looking at video creation as a career on Tiktok. In such a situation, financial assistance is being offered to him by Tiktok.

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