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Oppo to launch Find X2 in Q1 2020 with Snapdragon 865 and focus on low-light photography

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During discussions with Oppo as part of Inno Day 2019, the company shared with us a little bit about its plans for next year and in particular its next flagship smartphone. The Chinese brand will release a follow up to the innovative Find X, the eye-catching low-bezel device with a slide-out camera mechanism (pictured). We don’t know exactly what form the upcoming Find X2 will take yet, but we do know that low-light photography and improvements to the screen quality and user experience will be key areas that Oppo will focus on for the launch.

The Find X2 will be one of the first phones to ship with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 865 5G chip. It will also include a customized Sony imaging sensor that will enable All Pixel Omni-directional PDAF. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but it essentially means that the camera will be capable of focusing on smaller objects with higher accuracy and low-light performance will be boosted by increased sensitivity. Sony published in-depth information about its new image sensor yesterday, so take a look here for more about that.

Photography will be a key focus for all OEMs in 2020, of course, just as it has been for the last few years, but Oppo to differentiate it’s new product by offering the best possible visual experience through the latest display technologies. Oppo’s own research suggests this is going to be an increasingly important feature for consumers, and given the popularity of the 90Hz display on recent OnePlus devices, this appears to be a wise bet.

A high refresh rate is just one aspect of the screen Oppo will concentrate on with the Find X2. We can also expect the display to be have a high resolution, support for a wide range of colours, and high dynamic range. Oppo may be a bit late to the party on some of this, but if it can bring it all together for a flagship that has a premium display experience, competitive cameras, and a futuristic design, it could be a compelling option in a sea of otherwise bland slabs of glass and metal.

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