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Huge Apple AirPods Pro sale: the lowest price yet ahead of Black Friday

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There’s a tempting AirPods Pro sale on right now that may in fact beat the price you see when Black Friday deals officially launch later this month.

It’s just $194 for the AirPods Pro at Amazon, marking down the old MSRP of $249 by $55. That’s a significant discount for Apple’s best. Now, we did see a different AirPods Pro price drop over the weekend, but it wasn’t this low.

Last we checked, they were on sale for $219 just 24 hours ago, and $199 about 48 hours ago, along with the normal AirPods 2nd gen, which are still retailing for $99 today.

There’s no telling when this AirPods Pro deal will jump back up in price, but all signs point to it being a very temporary price reduction. So far, other stores are selling them for more.

Best Buy is selling these premium AirPods with noise canceling for $229, while the official Apple Store offers no discount at the original $249 price. Walmart has had the AirPods Pro for $194, but it goes in and out of stock.

The big question: Will the AirPods Pro price drop even further during Black Friday or Cyber Monday? They could, but you can’t go back in time and get this price if it doesn’t, or if they’re sold out (AirPods are often in demand before Christmas). 

What you can do – at most stores in 2020 – is cancel your original order or return the item and then buy them a second time for the cheaper price. That’s also our best Black Friday vs Cyber Monday advice. Buy sooner while you still can.

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