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How to get the old Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive icons back on Android, iPhone, and Chrome

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Over the past few weeks, Google has been replacing the logos and icons of some of its most beloved services, and the public reaction has been… mixed. Some people don’t care, while others absolutely hate the new icons. If you fall into the latter group, here’s how to replace Google’s new icons for Gmail, Calendar, and other apps with the older, arguably better versions on Android, iPhone, and Chrome.

In case you missed the news, Google announced a big revamp of its productivity suite in October. That change saw G Suite become Google Workspace and, with it, new branding for every product. That includes the incredibly popular Gmail service, and that’s perhaps the tweak that’s made the biggest impact on users. A lot of people just aren’t happy with Google’s new design, which switches from the distinct red color and iconic envelope shape and instead adopts all four of the company’s signature colors.

Technically, there’s no official way to go back either. On some platforms, you might be able to revert to older app versions, but that solution won’t last forever and may break certain functions. Luckily, all three major places people use Gmail and other altered products have methods to replace the icons. Here’s how.

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