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HMD working to bring back the great Nokia 8000 series and more

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Ever since HMD Global took control of the Nokia smartphone brand, we have seen and received some pleasant surprises. We first saw the Nokia 3310 reboot back in 2017, and the 8110, aka the banana phone or the Matrix phone, back in 2018. Still, it seems that HMD is also working on bringing back the 6300 and the 8000 series of Nokia phones. The first rumors concerning the Nokia 6300 and the 8000 series showed up around a week ago. These rumors suggested that the new phones would arrive with 4G connectivity, and they would be powered by KaiOS, which means that they won’t necessarily be smartphones. The 8000 4G would be based on the Nokia 8800, which would give us a 2.8-inch display with color options that include a golden variant, in addition to a black, blue, and white version.The new design of the Nokia 8000 4G looks more like a featurephone with some premium touches that include curved sides and a glossy finish, but now slide-out keyboard cover. It will support Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, and it seems that we may also get a dual-SIM version as well. It will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor, and it will include 512GB RAM, 4GB storage, which can be expanded via microSD card.

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