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Facebook launches tool to let users transfer photos & videos to Google Photos

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In its heyday, Facebook was the go-to social media platform for anyone looking to connect with friends online. Almost everyone you knew had a Facebook account and it was the easiest way to connect with new people without giving out your phone number. Even though the numbers suggest that Facebook is still growing at a steady pace, many of us have migrated away from the platform in favor of others like Instagram or Snapchat. While privacy woes prompted several users to just delete their accounts, most of us didn’t take that route in order to preserve our precious memories that Facebook so desperately keeps reminding us of every single day. Now, the company has launched a new tool that will let you transfer all your photos

According to a recent blog post from Facebook, the new photo transfer tool is based on code developed through the company’s participation in the open-source Data Transfer Project and will initially be available to users in Ireland. The tool can be found within the Your Facebook Information section in the settings, which is the same section from which you can download all your information.

Facebook claims that privacy and security are its top priorities with this new tool, so all the data transferred using it will be encrypted and users will be required to enter their password before the transfer is initiated. The tool is currently in the testing phase and Facebook plans to develop it further based on feedback from users, as well as its conversations from stakeholders. The company plans to roll out this new tool worldwide in the first half of 2020, after ironing out all its kinks. As of now, the tool will only let users transfer their photos and videos to Google Photos, however, Facebook plans on adding support for other services in the future.

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