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E-bike traveling 25km in single charge launched in India

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British electric bike and lifestyle brand Gojiro Mobility has launched a new series of its performance e-bicycle in the Indian market. Three models of this performance e-bicycle have been introduced in India, including Scaling, Scaling Light and Scaling Pro. Of these, the price of scaling has been kept at Rs 19,999, while the scaling light has been priced at Rs 24,999 and its top model Scaling Pro has been priced at Rs 34,999.

The company says that this new bike has been designed in Great Britain and manufactured in India. According to the information, Scaling and Scaling Pro will be made available on both online and offline platforms, while Scaling Light will be available for sale through the company’s website and other e-commerce platforms.

Ankit Kumar, CEO of Gojiro Mobility said, “The Corona epidemic has prompted people to take health seriously. During this time we have also seen a sudden increase in e-bike sales and that’s why these e-bicycles are launched. Has been done. The company is starting pre-orders for the scaling bike series from November 8. Orders will be started on Amazon from November 12, with delivery starting November 25. “

Kumar said, “The top speed of scaling and scaling light is 25km / h and can travel 25km in a single charge. These e-bicycles have a 210 W lithium battery which is powered by a 250 W motor. Added together. “

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