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Shaista was working Atiq’s enterprise with the help of CA, the investigation group traced the mafia’s belongings in Delhi, Mumbai and Haryana

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Lucknow: Investigating corporations are making new revelations frequently after the murder of Atiq and Ashraf. It was revealed inside the latest information that even after reaching behind the bars of Atiq, Ashraf and his two sons, neither the sources for them decreased nor the expansion of the monetary empire stopped. The biggest objective behind this was Shaista Parveen, partner of Atiq Ahmed. He completely took over Atiq’s monetary empire with the help of ca. Investigating corporations have come all through plenty of such properties and firms which might be inside the names of Atiq, his partner Shaista Parveen and Shaalon. The corporations would possibly shortly start their confiscation course of in several states open air UP as successfully. Investigating corporations involved in uncovering the layers of economic enterprise arising out of Atiq’s crime have acknowledged his firms and properties in Haryana, Delhi and Mumbai. For occasion, Atik’s precise property agency F&A has been current in Gurugram, Haryana. The agency M/s Jafri State Limited was formed inside the title of Shaista. Both these firms are inside the large enterprise of precise property there. After the clampdown on Atiq inside the midst of the Umesh Pal murder case, the movement relating to those properties has intensified in Gurugram as successfully. Recently, the Haryana authorities has moreover talked about getting the complaints related to properties investigated.

A hijacking agency named Salon In 2018, whereas staying in Deoria Jail, Atiq kidnapped Lucknow businessman Mohit Jaiswal and forcibly took over his firms. Atiq’s son Umar will also be accused on this case and is lodged in Lucknow jail. Investigation revealed that Mohit’s firms MJ Infra Land, MJ Infra Green Pvt Ltd and MJ Infra Housing had been transferred by Atiq to his brother-in-law Zaki. Zaki will also be in Lucknow Jail. Farooq will also be a companion in these firms. Farooq seems to be Shaista’s brother inside the relationship and was counted amongst Atiq’s shut friends.

Sources say that Atiq’s CA Sabih Ahmed had given advice to Mohit to get the companies taken over inside the title of years, so that the foreclosures could not happen. These firms are moreover associated to the precise property enterprise in Gurugram. When the ED raided Atiq’s properties, numerous paperwork had been recovered from Sabih’s dwelling.

Investigating corporations have moreover come to study transactions worth crores at many places by way of firms working inside the names of Atiq, Shaista and his brothers. This amount has moreover been utilized in several illegal corporations along with money laundering. Along with retaining Atiq protected in jail, totally different patrons had been moreover obliged by way of these firms. After Atiq went to jail, Shaista started interfering inside the work of these firms and he or she was retaining observe of all the actions by way of CA. This is the reason why the police and the investigating corporations are desperately looking out for Shaista, so that the rest of the chain of illegal enterprise and its companions may very well be linked. Preparing to crack down on the helpers, the businesses suspect that the belongings detected to date inside the investigation are manifold. Big is the monetary empire of Atiq and its layers could be revealed solely after meeting Shaista. At present, by connecting the ends of the transactions and via the information of the properties, the businesses are making able to clamp down on Atiq’s totally different helpers. Action may additionally be taken to confiscate the properties of Delhi and Gurugram.