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Will history change in Bhind? Phool Singh Baraiya lost when he fought: told – Congress has given the ticket, I will vacate the seat

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Gwalior, Karan Mishra. Congress has made the picture of its candidates clear on 10 seats in Madhya Pradesh. Congress has declared its candidate from Bhind Lok Sabha seat. The party has made Congress MLA from Bhander Phool Singh Baraiya its candidate. In an exclusive conversation with, after getting the ticket, Phool Singh Baraiya said that this time history is going to change on Bhind seat. Because Congress party has made me its candidate from Bhind Lok Sabha seat. I am the natural candidate of the party and the magic will be visible wherever I fight. This time the people will contest the elections on my behalf.

At a time when Bharatiya Janata Party has destroyed democracy in the country, what kind of results on Bhind Lok Sabha seat are in the interest of the Congress Party. The party has made me a candidate, it is my responsibility to give away the seat to the party.

Who is Kamleshwar Patel to whom Congress gave Lok Sabha ticket? Shivraj's Vishwamitra had defeated the assembly elections, now there will be a direct contest with Rajesh Mishra.

Phool Singh Baraiya further said that Congress India alliance will form its government in 2024. The public has understood Modi ji. If he persists then the educated youth of the country will not get jobs, so will they become dacoits? BJP has been continuously holding the Lok Sabha seat since 1989. But this is not a challenge for me. This time Congress will register victory here. The work of Phool Singh Baraiya can be seen among the people.

Will Lata Wankhede be able to maintain BJP's record of victory on Sagar seat, or will Congress win this time, know what is the history here.

Congress did not listen to me in the assembly elections

Baraiya said that candidates also play a big role in elections. Congress party has made me its candidate, now its charisma will be seen. I know Bhind Lok Sabha seat very well. Therefore, I will make the party win the seat. During the assembly elections, I had given the formula to the party but the party did not listen to me. Therefore, now I will not talk like that time because if the party does not listen to me, my formula will get spoiled. But my formula is perfect even today.

Any day the party tries me, I will not let the Bharatiya Janata Party win 50 MLAs in Madhya Pradesh. I have complete calculations for this. I also have calculations for Lok Sabha but this time I am not claiming it. This time history is going to change on Bhind Lok Sabha seat.

Omkar Markam gets ticket from Mandla, will compete with BJP candidate Faggan Singh Kulaste after 10 years

lose when you fight

It is noteworthy that Phool Singh Baraiya had earlier also contested elections from Bhind Lok Sabha seat. He has contested the elections on the tickets of Samata Samaj Party and Bahujan Sangharsh Dal. Phool Singh Baraiya contested the Bhind Lok Sabha seat for the first time in 2004 on the ticket of Samata Samaj Party. He got a total of 59679 votes with a vote share of 6.21% and had to face a crushing defeat.

There will be a contest between these candidates of BJP and Congress in MP, see complete details with pictures

For the second time in 2014 also, he had contested the election from Bhind Lok Sabha seat. That time he contested the elections on the ticket of Bahujan Sangharsh Dal and got only 20403 votes, securing 2.12% vote rate and had to face a bigger defeat than in 2004. But this time Phool Singh Baraiya is going to contest the Lok Sabha elections on Congress Party ticket. In front of him, the party has fielded current BJP MP Sandhya Rai. In such a situation, it remains to be seen who wins from Bhind seat in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

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