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Will get on knees for public before every speech, says Shivr ..

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Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan again went down on his knees, bowed his head and appealed to the voters to back the BJP candidate during his two meetings in Bhander and Sumawali assembly constituencies, on Sunday.
He also hit out at the Congress saying the old party’s culture is to crush and destroy the public. Chouhan also retorted that before his speech in every rally he would pay respect to the public as it’s being a part of his sacraments.

“A day before when I kneeled down with folded hands to pay respect to the public, the Congress leaders became angry. They said Shivraj got down to knees before the public. In fact, Congress people have a tendency to crush and destroy the public. They did the same during the Emergency,” said Chouhan addressing a gathering in Unav village of Bhander assembly constituency.
The chief minister further attacked, “For me the entire state is a temple, the public residing in the state is my God and there I will salute the public because these are BJP’s sacraments. Not once, I will salute the public 17 times and let others envy.”