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Shivraj removes SP in Ujjain’s poisonous liquor scandal

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Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has taken strict steps regarding the death of poisonous liquor in Ujjain. He has decided to suspend SP Ujjain and suspend CSP Rajneesh Kashyap with immediate effect. Shivraj took the details of the investigation from PS Home and directed that no culprit should be released. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has directed an SIT inquiry into the matter. In the Mahakal town of Ujjain, 11 people have died in the last 24 hours due to consumption of poisonous drugs (alcohol or spirit). In Kharakua police station, Jeevajiganj police station and Mahakal police station, 11 people have died due to drinking of any poisonous substance. All these are either beggars or poor laborers.

Station In-charge Kharakua Inspector M.L. Meena, beat in-charge sub-inspector Niranjan Sharma and two constables Sheikh Anwar and Nawaz Sharif have been suspended with immediate effect. Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) of Ujjain district Mahavir Khandelwal said that 11 people were brought to the hospital in such a bad condition Went that none of these could survive more than 15 minutes. He said that it could also be any poisonous alcohol, spirit or any other chemical, which will be found in the viscera investigation.
Madhya Pradesh Congress President and former Chief Minister of the state Kamal Nath has been taunting the BJP-led state government and said that Shivraj ji, how long will these mafia keep killing innocent people like this? There are constant complaints about liquor mafia and illegal liquor business from many districts of the state. As soon as we go to our government, these mafia have become active without fear. Our government crushed them and the BJP government is protecting them.