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‘PM Modi’s dream is to send humans to the Moon…’, Amit Shah said in the enlightened conference of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is the land of intellectuals and great men.

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Rakesh Chaturvedi, Bhopal. Before the Lok Sabha elections, Home Minister Amit Shah was on a tour of Madhya Pradesh today. After attending the meeting in Gwalior and the booth conference in Khajuraho, Amit Shah reached Bhopal late in the evening where he attended the enlightenment conference. During this, he described the land of Madhya Pradesh as the land of intellectuals and great men. On politics, he said that on one side there is the camp of Pandavas and on the other side there is the camp of 7 families. All seven families want their son, daughter, nephew and niece to become the Chief Minister. They cannot bring glory to India.

Infighting in BJP due to inauguration of passport office in Guna! Scindia supporter said – I don’t think the MP acted wisely, KP Yadav said – this is politics…

Our country was gripped by four canker sores

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said during his address that 2024 is the year of the festival of democracy. 2024 will decide which party, which hands and which ideology will be in power. We also consider elections as giving account of our achievements. It is also the responsibility of the enlightened people to shape public opinion. If there is no process of opinion formation then the soul of democracy will not exist. Our country was gripped by four canker sores: casteism, nepotism, appeasement and corruption. PM Modi freed all four.

Amit Shah gave the mantra of victory in Gwalior: He said – include as many people from other parties as possible in BJP, we will win but…

Indi alliance works only for the interests of her family

He further said that the parties of Indi alliance work only for the interests of their families. Who want to make their son, daughter, nephew the Chief Minister and Prime Minister. Only the one whose every moment of his life, every particle of his body is dedicated to Mother India can bring respect to India in the world.

Sensation when half naked body of Deputy Sarpanch was found: He was killed by crushing his head, who is the murderer?

India will become the world’s third largest economy in the third term

The Home Minister said that PM Modi brought India’s economy from number 11 to number 5 in just 10 years. I assure you that this is Modi’s guarantee… India will become the third largest economy in the world in the third term. He has worked to free India from the signs of slavery. Work has been done to free India from inferiority complex. Therefore, choose such a party which does what it has said.

Cow reached police station amid police security: People were surprised to see the sight, you will also salute after knowing the reason

Congress opposed everything

Taking aim at the opposition, the Home Minister said that Congress worked to oppose everything. When we built the new Parliament building… Congress also opposed it. When we removed Rajpath, the symbol of the British, and made Dutva Path…we opposed that too. PM Modi has set many goals for the youth and people of the country.

On one hand the officials kept waiting for the Union Minister, on the other hand the MP who came to inspect broke the coconut and inaugurated it.

To become a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2027, to become the world’s third largest economy, to export two trillion dollars by 2030, to build a space center in space by 2035, to host Olympics in India in 2036, to send humans to the moon by 2040, by making India a developed India in 2047. To establish himself in the world as a world leader.

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