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Former CM Shivraj, VD Sharma and Bhupendra Singh get immediate relief from the High Court, currently they will not have to appear in MPMLA court, hearing to be held tomorrow.

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Kumar Inder, Jabalpur. Today, immediate relief has been received from the High Court in the defamation case against former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, BJP State President VD Sharma and former minister Bhupendra Singh. The High Court has said in its order that in this case the concerned will have to file the application in the concerned court only. Along with this, the High Court also told the MP MLA Court that Lok Sabha elections are going on, hence its busyness was also kept in mind. Go.

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After this decision of the court, it is believed that tomorrow instead of personally appearing in the MP MLA court, the three leaders will submit an application through their lawyers in the special court and will be told that due to the Lok Sabha elections, the three leaders will not be able to appear in the court. is unable. In fact, on behalf of the three leaders, the order of the Jabalpur MP MLA Court was challenged in the High Court, in which it has been said that no case of defamation can be made against them and also on the order of all three to appear in the MP MLA Court of Jabalpur. Relief is sought.

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Let us tell you that in January 2024, Jabalpur MP MLA Court, while hearing the complaint of Rajya Sabha MP and Congress leader Vivek Tankha, registered a defamation case against former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, former Minister Bhupendra Singh and BJP President VD Sharma. All three were ordered to appear in the MP MLA court of Jabalpur on March 22, 2024. The same order has been challenged by the three leaders in the High Court. In the petition filed by the three BJP leaders in the High Court, it has been said that due to the electoral system, it is becoming difficult for their MPs and MLAs to appear in the court, hence they should be given relief in this matter.

what is the whole matter

Senior advocate and Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha filed a criminal defamation complaint of Rs 10 crore against the then Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, State President BD Sharma and former minister Bhupendra Singh regarding the statement during the Panchayat elections of Madhya Pradesh in the year 2023. Was. In fact, during the Panchayat elections, statements were being made by the BJP leaders regarding the decision of the Supreme Court, in which the BJP leaders were continuously giving statements that due to the petition filed by Vivek Tankha in the Supreme Court, the process of Panchayat elections was being cancelled. Has been given.

In fact, the process of Panchayat elections was canceled by the Supreme Court due to non-compliance of rotation process. After a long judicial process, the Supreme Court had given instructions to conduct elections without OBC reservation, on which BJP leaders including Vivek Tankha, the then Regarding PCC President and former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, he had given continuous statements that due to the petition filed by Vivek Tankha in the Supreme Court regarding OBC reservation, the Supreme Court has put a stay on the Panchayat elections. Vivek Tankha's image was getting tarnished due to this statement of BJP, hurt by this, Vivek Tankha had filed a defamation case against the three leaders in the special court of Jabalpur, which was defended by senior Supreme Court advocate Kapil Sibal himself. Had come to the special court of Jabalpur on 29 April 2023. Advocate Vivek Tankha had also given the court the details of the videos and comments made on social media related to the comments made about him, after which the MP MLA Special Court of Jabalpur recorded the statement and filed a criminal defamation case under Section 500. Orders have been given to run.

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