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Chief Minister imposed Chaupal among Sahariya tribals in Sheopur

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Shivraj Singh Chauhan joined the program along with Sahariya tribals on Monday. The Chief Minister reached village Bargawan in Karahal in Sheopur district and discussed Chaupal with local tribals and came to know about their problems. Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s address started in Sheopur-Bargawan Sahariya Chaupal, we garlanded Lord Birsa Munda Ji’s photo on his 15th. Diwali day and his birthday will be celebrated as the glory day of Sahariya tribe. He was such a revolutionary who fought against injustice and tyranny by the British beyond India and the British trembled in his name. One thing is clear: Bharatiya Janata Party and Shivraj Singh Chauhan bring light to your life to make your life happy and tell me one thing I am for all classes, but who is the poorest. It is my duty to take care of them the most. The collector is standing here, there should not be a single sister in the name of brother, in whose account do not go to 1000 rupees, so the campaign should be carried out on a war level in whose name it is. Their names should be added to the list and by adding them to the list, they should also think 1000 rupees in their accounts and this duty collector Sheopur next time when I, Guddi Bhai and the rest of the tribals I should have seen how everyone got. Put a sorry for him, whether you go to the village and do anything.

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