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Koderma DC buys diyas worth Rs 1 lakh from local artisans

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Koderma’s Deputy Commissioner Ramesh Gholap chose to bring a smile on the face of local artisans of the district, who have toiled hard to produce the traditional clay lamps or diyas for Diwali. Gholap, led a team of administrative officials, to the Shivpuri Mohalla in Jhumri Telaiya town and purchased diyas worth Rs 100000 to promote the local art. 

“Diwali is the festival of light. It eradicates darkness. I purchased diyas from the local artisans who have been toiling very hard to light up their lives by purchasing the locally made lamps,” said Gholap. 

The IAS officer, hails from Maharashtra’s Sholapur and hasn’t forgotten his humble upbringing. Gholap’s father, a cycle repairman man, passed away when he was young. His mother, a bangle-seller fought against all adversity to educate her son, who cracked the prestigious UPSC examination in 2012 to become an IAS officer.ADVERTISING

Not forgetting his origin, the officer is known as a kind officer in his circle. This Diwali, he along with his team comprising deputy development officer – R Ronita, additional collector – Anil Tirki, sub-divisional officer Manish Kumar, district Panchayati Raj officer – Paras Kumar, and a few more not just visited the artisans but also distributed study materials to the children and also purchased a healthy number of diyas to boost their business. 

He said, “The main objective of this initiative is to encourage people to buy clay diyas and toys from local artisans. This will help strengthen the business of these artisans who have been doing this work for generations. Also, we must not forget that clay diyas are an integral part of our traditional Diwali celebration.” 

Artisan Manoj Kumar couldn’t believe his luck. He said, “It’s still unbelievable for me that DC Gholap visited our mohalla to purchase diyas. This is the only way to promote local business.”

Kumar added, “Purchasing locally produced diyas will be a fitting reply to sellers engaged in selling Chinese products.”

Gholap had made it to the headlines by making a beautiful small idol of Lord Ganesha for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration at his residence. He also happens to be a good painter.

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