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Interim Budget Is Strong Foundation For Amritkal Babulal Marandi Interim Budget Is Strong Foundation For Amritkal: Babulal Marandi

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Babulal Marandi:- Former Chief Minister of Jharkhand and State President of BJP, Babulal Marandi, while reacting on the interim budget, has said that the public welfare government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid a strong foundation for Amritkal. He said that this is a step towards creating a developed India by 2047. The Prime Minister strongly believes that we need to pay special attention to the four major castes: poor, women, youth and food givers.

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey has said that this interim budget gives a glimpse that India will be the most developed country in the coming 5-10 years. In just a few years the number of airports in the country has increased from 70 to 149. The opposition has done nothing during its tenure. A white paper is being brought for them. People will know how the current opposition parties had betrayed the country before 2014. (IANS)