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Important points during the hearing of Chhavi Ranjan’s case in the High Court

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Ranchi: Hearing in the case from Army land, case related to former DC of Ranchi Chhavi Ranjan, hearing held in High Court, hearing on the bail of suspended IAS Chhavi Ranjan was held in Jharkhand High Court, after hearing both the sides, the court gave its decision. During the reserved High Court hearing, ED did not have answers on many points. During the hearing, the court verbally asked the ED advocate as to how the accused is involved in money laundering. The petitioner ordered an investigation but no one has given any statement anywhere that the petitioner was aware of the deed being forged. Therefore mens rea does not exist. Ordering an investigation in administrative capacity does not constitute a case of money laundering. Jayant Karnard was also found to have fake honour. In the investigation, the role of many people was also suspected but ED conducted the investigation one-sidedly. ED could not tell in the investigation what role the petitioner played in money laundering. On the other hand, the ED advocate highlighted the main points of the PC and informed the court. The court asked what was the role of the petitioner in money laundering and POC laundering. On which the points mentioned by ED in PC were repeated. Advocates Inderjit Sinha and Abhishek Chaudhary argued on behalf of Chhavi Ranjan. This case was heard in the court of High Court judge Justice Sujit Narayan Prasad.