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Unlock-4 In Chhattisgarh : Know when the schools will open in Chhattisgarh, these concessions with new guide line

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Unlock- 4 In Chhattisgarh: Raipur Due to long lockdown due to coronavirus infection, the process of Unlik-4 has started all over the country. For this, a new guide line has been released by the Central Government. Government has given relaxation in many areas with conditions in Unlock-4. Although the condition of corona virus infection is under control in many states of the country and educational institutions are under consideration, but the situation is different in Chhattisgarh. Peak time of coronavirus infection is going on here. Everyday thousands of new patients are being received across the state. In such a situation, it is not possible to open educational institutions. However, a new education session has started in the state and teachers are teaching children online through Tuunhar Padhai, Tunhar Gate. The state education minister has also clarified that until the circumstances of the infection are completely under control,

All the concessions will also be given in Chhattisgarh as per the guidelines of the Central Government. Soon the state government will issue a detailed guideline regarding this. On the question of opening the school, State School Education Minister Dr. Premasai Singh said that the government in the state is concerned about the education of children, but in this situation we cannot take any kind of risk. It is too early to take the decision to open schools now. Until the situation is under control, children will have to study at home. The entire education system is engaged in strengthening the education system in the current situation. Where online education is facing difficulties due to network, there are mohalla classes and teaching children. After this month, the decision will be taken to open the schools, that too depends on the situation.

Schools will be able to go on this condition

The state government has released a new guide line for schools in Chhattisgarh. Here students studying in class 9th and 12th will be able to go to school for guidance from teachers. The condition for this will be that they will have to get a consent letter written by the parents by going to school. Also their school is outside the Containment Zone. Guidelines have also been issued to all collectors regarding this.

This is how the latest situation

If you look at the latest situation in Chhattisgarh of coronavirus infection, today, a total of 31503 people have been caught in the infection. During the last 24 hours, 1411 new cases have been confirmed here. At present, 14237 people are undergoing treatment at various Kovid hospitals in the state, while 16979 people have been discharged from hospital after getting well. So far 277 people have died due to the disease in the state.

This is the center’s guideline regarding Unlock 4

On 29 August, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued guidelines for ‘Unlock 4.0’ which starts today from 1 September on completion of ‘Unlock 3.0’ on 31 August. ‘Unlock 4.0’ will extend till 30 September. The ministry said a strict lockdown would continue in the zone.

 Adding to the comforts made during the first three phases of unlock, the center has given permission for social / educational / sports / cultural / religious congregation, others with a ceiling of 100 persons. It will be effective from 21 September.

 While easing some restrictions on public transport, the Center has said that metro rail services can resume in a hierarchical manner starting on 7 September. Additionally, there will be no restriction on inter-state and inter-state movement of individuals and goods. Separate permission or e-permit will not be required for such movements.

 Schools, colleges and other educational institutions will remain closed till 30 September. Cinema halls, swimming pools, amusement parks and theaters (except open air theater) will remain closed. However, all individuals and establishments must maintain physical distance norms and safety protocols.

– When necessary, the administration of states and union territories will be allowed to uphold the restrictions. Although states and union territories may refuse to allow certain activities permitted by the central government, they cannot grant exemption for activities that have not yet been permitted by the center.

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