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Temporary firecracker shop to be set up at Mission Ground Dhamtari by 15 November

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On the basis of the application given by the District Crackers Vendor Association Dhamtari, Sub-Divisional Magistrate Dhamtari has given permission to set up a temporary cracker shop in the Mission Ground at Dhamtari from today to the 15th of November. According to the information received from Sub-Divisional Magistrate Dhamtari, necessary guidelines have been given in view of security at the cracker sale site. Under this, firecrackers have to strictly follow the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court of New Delhi. Also, the cracker should be sold by an authorized licensee. A distance of at least three meters between each two firecracker shops should be left as security. Hotels, tea, paan shops will not be allowed at the cracker shop site.
    It is reported that each shopkeeper must place a sand bucket, a bucket of water in front of the shop. Smoking in the firecracker shop area will be prohibited completely and will not keep any kind of fire item. Under the electrical system for the firecracker shop, leakage wire and open wire will not be used, so that short circuit is not possible. If an electric line is used, it will have to be fixed either on the wall or on the roof and no wires will be hanging. For these, the switch will have to be installed on the wall and it will be mandatory for all shops in a row to install master switch. Each master switch should be equipped with a fuse or circuit breaker, so that the electric current automatically stops when there is a short circuit. Municipal Corporation Dhamtari has been asked to keep fire brigade and water tanker and Nagar Sena Dhamtari as fire brigade compulsorily till the firecracker sale period.  
    Dustbeans should be kept in front of each shop at the cracker sale site and the use of polythene will be prohibited. In case of any untoward incident in the fireworks sale site, the chairman, the personal businessman of the firecrackers’ association will remain. Before setting up a firecracker shop, it will be compulsory to collect the fixed fee (rent amount) and license related to the ground from each shopkeeper or from the firecrackers union representative. 125 DP / 145 DP up to four meters Firecrackers making more noise than will be banned. Standard five log (n) db for firecrackers fight is. Cracker trials at the site of the cracker will be banned completely. Fireworks display within fifty meters of any shop will be prohibited. This permission will be valid from today till 15 November. After the fixed period, the Fireworks Association will be responsible for the complete cleanliness, leveling and free parking of the grounds.

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